What should I do if I am in quarantine?

The doctor and public health officers sent me home. What should I do?
A sick person with mild symptoms goes into home isolation immediately. A hospital should be available for patients with more serious symptoms and for patients at great risk. In the case of milder symptoms, symptomatically-present symptoms that the virus causes, such as an increased body temperature or a cough, should be treated. Shortness of breath and other respiratory problems, for example, signal the worsening of a person’s state. If your condition worsens, seek your doctor’s advice again.

What does home quarantine mean?
If you have been ordered into home quarantine, you should stay at home and not go out anywhere (even to go shopping or to the doctor’s). In the case of health problems, it is necessary to contact your doctor or the relevant public health station or call 112, though you must state that you are in ordered quarantine. If you have the opportunity, use delivery services for shopping, if you do not have such an opportunity, it is possible to leave your home for the necessary time.

If I am at home in quarantine and I have a mild illness. How can I treat myself? What can I use to reduce my fever?
Medicines for fever can be used to reduce your temperature if you have Covid-19. You can use ordinarily available medicines, but everybody’s reaction is individual, so you should consult your doctor about the procedure. You can subsequently increase your intake of vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals.

What if I have to rely on myself?
If you live alone and you really do not have any relatives or acquaintances that could shop for you or handle your needs, you can make use of delivery or other similar services. If you cannot make use of them, you can, for a short period, go shopping or, if you have a dog, walk it. But in this case we appeal for you to be very responsible to the people around you; for example, when going out use a mask, before leaving your home and when arriving home carefully wash your hands and, in particular, during the necessary time (for shopping, walking the dog) you should not be present in spaces with greater concentrations of people.

Can I receive visitors when I am in quarantine?
Not during the quarantine period, older and chronically ill persons not at all. In a genuinely necessary case it is essential to use a mask and maintain a safe distance.

And what if I live in a household with multiple people, how is quarantine dealt with in this case?
If possible, set aside a separate room and isolate yourself from the other members of your family. And you and the other members of your household should comply with increased public health rules for all members of the household and use protective equipment. It is also necessary to maintain a safe distance and prevent physical contact.

How great should isolation be from other members of a household?
In the case of quarantine, thorough isolation from other people, including your family, is recommended. It is best to use a single room with a separate toilet and bathroom and ensure doors are kept shut in the household.

What if we cannot set aside a room for a sick person?
If it is not possible, beds should be located at least one metre from each other and the room should be sufficiently ventilated. We recommended entering other social spaces ideally in a mask and only in the necessary cases. After using a common toilet, it is necessary to fully disinfect it. A person in home isolation must use their own towels that are not used by other members of the household, both when drying after a bath or shower and for the purposes of hand hygiene.There is also a need to wash dishes with hot water with a cleaning product and use one’s own tea towel.

How to deal with clothing and bedclothes when I am in quarantine?
Textiles and implements that are touched by a person in isolation in a household should not be touched by other people. Whether they are towels or glasses. After using such items wash them thoroughly with soap and water; a dishwasher can be used to wash dishes and cutlery.

How should I wash bedclothes I suspect are contaminated?
If you need to wash bedclothes at home, wash them using washing powder on the highest possible temperature suitable for the relevant fabric. Temperatures over 60 °C are suitable. If it is possible, dry and iron laundry at the highest possible temperature suitable for the relevant fabric.

What should I do about work if I am in quarantine?
During quarantine, it is possible to use sick leave by agreement with your employer and doctor. In addition, if your work so enables, it is possible to agree with your employer that you will work from home. If, during ordered quarantine, an employee complies with all set restrictions and his medical condition does not prevent it, he can agree with his employer on the performance of work from a place other than the employer’s workplace (usually from home); a similar agreement can be reached when looking after a child.

How thoroughly will the government control quarantine compliance for persons for whom it was ordered?
Personal responsibility and complying with government and Ministry of Health regulations is key, meaning not leaving home quarantine. It is also important to emphasize that through quarantine we protect not only ourselves, but also our environment and the whole of society. Non-compliance with quarantine could be punished retrospectively, with a fine of up to CZK 3 million. Public health stations and the Police of the Czech Republic are working together on compliance with the controls.
If you are in home quarantine, your condition means you do not have to go to hospital. It is important to comply with the relevant instructions.

What happens if there is a breach of quarantine?
A breach of ordered quarantine could lead to a fine of up to three million crowns and a breach can be punished retrospectively. Stations supervise compliance with quarantine in co-operation with the Police of the Czech Republic, but their capacities are obviously such that they cannot daily check up on everybody that is in quarantine, for example. They are primarily relying on everybody’s personal responsibility, because by complying with quarantine you protect not only yourself, but primarily your nearest and dearest, the people around you and, at the end of the day, the whole of society.