The risk index according to anti-epidemic system is at 62, the Czech Government will discuss a change of the alert level

According to the Czech anti-epidemic system (PES in Czech), the summarized risk index for the Czech Republic is at 62. Therefore, the Ministry of Health will propose a shift to the fourth alert level to the Czech Government. If the Czech Government approves the shift, certain anti-epidemic measures may be expected to ease.

The regions will be assigned to the respective levels based on epidemiological indicators, such as the 14-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants, a simplified calculation of the reproduction number, test positivity and the 14-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants focused on seniors.

The current value of the summarized risk index for the Czech Republic is 62. Therefore, the Czech Government will today discuss a possible shift to the fourth alert level, to which the current value of the risk index has corresponded for a week already, based on a proposal from the Ministry of Health. If approved by the government, a change in the measures related to the respective level may be expected.

“Based on the epidemiological indicators which we take into account in the anti-epidemic system, it may be stated that the situation around the COVID-19 disease is improving. The summarized risk index has been at less than 75 for a week now, and even dropped to 62 today. Therefore, I will propose a shift to the fourth alert level to the Czech Government today,” Minister for Health Jan Blatný stated with regard to the current situation.

The score is evaluated in colour for the entire region, but the values are also calculated for smaller administrative units. Depending on the score, the regions are assigned to five alert levels, which are linked to the respective anti-epidemic measures concerning e.g. masks, assembly, stores, culture and education.

“If the government decides favorably, the anti-epidemic measures will be changed based on the matrix of the anti-epidemic system. Despite the positive development, I would like to appeal to the public to continue behaving responsibly and to thoroughly observe the valid measures. The epidemic is unpredictable and the situation can worsen again very quickly, which nobody wants,” added Minister of Health Jan Blatný.

The Anti-epidemic System (PES in Czech) was development by the Ministry of Health and the Institute for Health Information and Statistics in cooperation with experts from Czech and foreign universities. The score is calculated and implemented into the online IHIS system and published on the website here. (only in the Czech language).

“One of the factors taken into account in the anti-epidemic system is a simplified calculation of the reproduction number. Its value is currently 0.7, which is good news proving that the epidemic is slowing down. However, the evaluation cannot be based on a single parameter; we still have a high number of infected persons, also in senior and vulnerable categories, and the situation is not stable,” notes Ladislav Dušek, Director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics.

Given the current epidemiological situation, the Czech Government has imposed certain blanket measures concerning e.g. a night-time curfew, mandatory face masks and the ordering of home office if permitted by the nature of the job.

“The number of patients being admitted to hospital is declining slightly at present, and there is no risk of exhausting hospital capacities. There are no transports of patients between regions right now. The continued declining trend in the number of Covid patients and the concurrent drop in the number of infected healthcare professionals allow the renewal of care which has practically ceased in the past period. An essential condition for renewing care must be the continued readiness of hospitals for a possible resurgence in the number of patients,” said Deputy Health Minister, Chairman of the Czech Society for Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine and Head of the COVID Clinical Group, Vladimír Černý.

The current measures, number of positively diagnosed patients and other information related to the COVID-19 epidemic can be monitored on the Ministry of Health website concerning the coronavirus at or at the government portal