The Ministry of Health has amended the central reservation system

The Ministry of Health has presented the amended central reservation system in reaction to the situation regarding the shortage of vaccine doses from suppliers. Compared to the original version, from 22 January those interested in vaccination can reserve a specific date only once vaccines are available at their chosen vaccination location, of which they will be informed via SMS. It still applies that people over the age of 80 years can register via the website at (only in the Czech language). Other persons, such as relatives, their general practitioner or pharmacist, can help them register. If they have nobody to turn to, they can contact the 1221 number operators for assistance with the reservation.

The central reservation system offers those interested the option of registering and reserving a vaccination. The registration is an online registration form for persons indicating their interest and consent to the vaccination, and it requires the completion of data for prioritization. A point score will be calculated based on the registration and, together with the vaccine delivery plan, will determine when the person will be invited to book a specific date.

“It still applies that the reservation system will provide reservations of the first and second date simultaneously, including the option of changing the date and commenting on the individual appointments. All in one place. However, thanks to the new system, applicants will know precisely when they can book their appointment,” said Minister for Health Jan Blatný.

From now on, when accessing the registration form, those interested in a vaccination will first enter their telephone number to which they will receive a PIN1 code for confirmation. This serves as a security measure against unauthorised logins by robotic computer programs. The registered person will then enter their name, permanent address, personal number and name and number of their insurance company. They will also choose the preferred location for vaccination. Once the capacity is available at this vaccination location, they will be informed via the sent PIN2 code, which serves as an access code for the reservation system. The invitation messages will be sent to applicants gradually depending on their age and the availability of vaccine doses at the given vaccination center. Reservation without an invitation SMS is not possible.

After entering the PIN2, the applicant will now be referred directly to the calendar of the chosen vaccination center, where they can choose from the offered vaccination appointments. Hence, it will not be necessary to log in again to find available capacities. By choosing the first appointment (date and time), the applicant chooses the date for the administration of the first dose of the vaccine. The system will automatically assign an appointment for the application of the second dose to the applicant for the same time, after an interval of 28 days. After completing the reservation, the applicant will receive two separate e-mails to their provided e-mail address, confirming the successful reservation – one for the first and the other for the second dose of the vaccine.

If the applicant needs to change the vaccination location, they must register again.

The system works with other information systems of the department, e.g. ISIN, which is used to keep records of performed vaccinations and to issue the certificate of the performed vaccination. The overall solution offers better vaccination coordination and logistics on a national and regional level. In preparing the new system, the team applied its experience with the ordering system for the antigen testing of inhabitants for coronavirus.

The central reservation system is based on experience from blanket antigen testing. Its aim is to offer those interested the convenient booking of vaccination dates and to enable access to a vaccination booking within the individual regions from a single spot.