The Ministry of Health amends measures for returning to the Czech Republic from abroad

The Ministry of Health has amended the conditions for returning from abroad It will now only be mandatory to take a test before entering the Czech Republic when returning from a country with a very high risk of contagion (dark red category). The Ministry of Health is thus reacting to the decision of the Municipal Court in Prague, which cancelled part of the currently valid protective measures with effect from 5 April.

When returning from countries with a high risk of contagion (red category) and countries with a moderate risk of contagion (orange category), a test before returning to CZ will only be required if the given person uses public transit to return.

“Based on expert opinions, we have information that if one infected person enters an aircraft, they can infect ten to twenty other people. They can they spread the contagion at their destination. Hence, we consider it essential for persons to get tested even before entering the Czech Republic, meaning before boarding the means of transportation,” Health Minister Jan Blatný explains the reasons for the measure.

The measures will continue to include the obligation to take a PCR test at latest within 5 days after returning to the Czech Republic if arriving from a red country, and at earliest on the 5th day after returning from a dark red country. Until then, they must remain in self-isolation. The obligation to complete an arrival form before arrival remains in effect. Only the green category is exempted from these obligations.

Additional, on preventive grounds, persons returning from countries in the orange, red and dark red categories are obliged to wear a respirator everywhere outside their homes for a period of fourteen days. Even when moving around outdoors.

The full text of the measure is available here.