The Ministries of Health, Education and Industry have introduced hygiene rules for establishments that will open on May 11

From May 11, it will once again be possible to visit shopping centers and outdoor gardens in restaurants and to attend cultural events. Mass events for up to 100 people, some services and school activities will also be allowed. However, all this shall only be permitted in compliance with strict hygiene rules. 

The Working Group on the easing up of quarantine measures at the Ministry of Health met this week with a clearly defined task. It was necessary to create hygiene rules for operators that can start operating again from May 11 and open their establishments to the general public. “It was essential for us to provide operators with all the information sufficiently in advance so that they could prepare for the resumption of their operations in peace,” said Health Minister Adam Vojtěch. Shopping centers will be opened, wedding ceremonies, services and other mass events for up to 100 people will be allowed, the operation of theaters, concert halls, cinemas and other similar facilities will be resumed, always with the participation of not more than 100 people. Furthermore, the operation of outdoor gardens will be resumed, and galleries, museums and exhibition halls will also be able to open for visitors. The capacity of study groups at universities will also be increased to a total of 15 people. From the services provided, barber shops and hairdressing establishments, massage services or establishments providing manicures and pedicures can start operating again from May 11. “The current favorable epidemiological situation has allowed us to continue to ease up the adopted measures while adhering to basic hygienic principles that are simple and feasible,” said Rastislav Maďar, leader of the Working Group on easing up the quarantine measures of the Ministry of Health and the head of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava.
The basic hygiene rules are still the same. Mandatory nose and mouth protection, safe distances and regular hand washing with soap and water apply. “Barbers’ and hairdresser’s operations are being widely discussed. When providing services where there is close contact with the client, it is necessary not only to observe basic hygiene rules, but the operators of these services must also have double respiratory protection, i.e. in addition to a face mask, for example, a protective shield. Furthermore, they must ensure that the spacing between individual customers is observed and disinfect their hands and equipment after the service has been provided,” specified the Minister of Health. It is also necessary to perform surface disinfection after each customer (chairs, beds, equipment used, etc.). Museums and galleries will have to ensure the possibility of hand disinfection at the entrance and set aside at least 10 m2 of space for each visitor in order to guarantee safe distances. Every second row will be occupied in cinemas or theaters, the spectators will sit in a maximum of two persons next to each other and will be separated from other people by one empty seat, and it applies that there can be a maximum of 100 spectators in the auditorium. The consumption of beverages or food or their sale will not yet be possible.
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Industry and Trade and Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček presented what the operation in restaurant facilities or shopping centers will look like. “Larger groups of people can sit at the same table, but the rule is that they must be at least 1.5 meters away from other visitors. The safety distance was adjusted in this way, because we wanted to accommodate even smaller establishments so that they could start operating,” said the Deputy Prime Minister. It is also true that there must be no gathering of people in restaurants, and disinfection must be provided for visitors when entering the interior. However, customers will only be allowed to enter the interiors of the restaurants solely for the purpose of visiting the bathroom. Wearing respiratory protection is still mandatory, but customers do not have to wear a face mask while consuming food or beverages. Subject to the good development of the epidemiological situation, shopping centers with an area of over 5,000 m2 will also be opened.. “A responsible person must be designated in the shopping centers to check compliance with the hygiene rules.  Information boards, leaflets and instructions for keeping spacing of at least 2 meters will be available in the centers. A specific cleaning regime plan will also be implemented, including disinfection and decontamination of common areas based on the recommendations of the relevant hygiene station,” outlined Deputy Prime Minister Havlíček regarding the operation in shopping centers.
Due to the favorable epidemiological development, it will be possible to operate some pupil and student activities under specific conditions. “We are trying our best to accommodate students in preparation for entrance exams, school leaving examinations and graduate examinations. From May 11, it will be possible for voluntary 15-member study groups to operate for this purpose. If anyone was afraid that the measures in schools would be draconian, I can reassure them. An important factor for us was the feasibility in Czech schools,” said the Minister of Education Robert Plaga, adding that the school will receive materials with hygienic instructions in its data boxes on Monday at the latest.
The rules for sports will also be eased up. At this moment it applies that groups of up to 10 people can play together on outdoor sports grounds, inside up to a maximum of 8 people as part of a stationary workout in fitness centers and gyms. From May 11, this measure will be eased up and joint sports will be possible for a maximum of 100 people. Indoor sports grounds will also be accessible, but still without the possibility of using the facilities, with the exception of toilets. “Thank you very much for your cooperation with the Ministry of Health, thanks to which the National Sports Agency for Athletes has prepared an interpretative opinion on regime changes in the field of sports. I would like to appeal to everyone to consider their participation in sports events if they come into contact with at-risk groups,” said Milan Hnilička, Chairman of the National Sports Agency.
The comprehensive measures taken so far have prevented the exponential unfavorable development of the epidemic in our territory. “Thanks to the measures taken, we have managed to prevent a massive affliction of the population, but all the same, it is true that the virus is not sleeping and it is still present. Especially now, it is crucial to continue to observe basic hygienic measures,” added Deputy Minister of Health Roman Prymula. “Please be patient, wear face masks and continue to act responsibly,” concluded Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch.

The plan for the easing up of the adopted measures can be found here: /en/roadmap-for-easing-measures/.