The epidemic in the Czech Republic is slowing down. Hospitals are gradually returning to normal operations

The epidemic in the Czech Republic is continuing to slow down. Vaccination has contributed immensely to improving the situation. As at this date, 3,086,076 vaccine doses have been administered. Hospitals in the regions with low incidence are already preparing to perform planned operations.

“The excellent news is that thanks to vaccination, we have managed to reduce the number of hospitalized patients. There are currently 2,782 patients in hospital with COVID-19 and the number of patients in intensive care units is also declining. At present, there are 631 patients in ICU and this figure should continue to drop according to predictions. Hospitals must now return to normal operations. I am glad they are turning vaccination over to the vaccination centres, for instance in Prague,” said Minister for Health Petr Arenberger. He added that as at this date, 3,086,076 vaccine doses have been administered. This means that 2,090,202 persons have received one dose of the vaccine, and 995,874 persons have had both doses. In the 80+ age group, 73.3% of the population has had at least one dose, while in the 70-79+ age group this figure is 70%. Based on an agreement between the Czech Labour Office and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, registration for vaccination will open for those caring for persons in category III and IV of dependency with a care allowance from 3 May. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the launch of registration for the vaccination of academic professionals at Czech public and private schools is also being prepared.

From Monday, 3 May, hairdressers, pedicure and cosmetic salons across the Czech Republic will be allowed to open. Body care services, along with animal care services, will be permitted under the condition that each client presents a valid negative test for COVID-19, or proof of completed vaccination or proof that they have recovered from the disease in the past 90 days at most. Confirmation from the employer or a self-applied test may also be used.