Starting Monday, university students will wear respirators during classes, and unvaccinated hospital workers will be required to get tested once a week

In response to the unfavorable epidemic situation, the government approved new anti-epidemic measures at its meeting.  From 15 November, university students will be obliged to wear respirators even during classes.  From the same date, the testing of unvaccinated workers in hospitals and other inpatient facilities will also be mandatory, at one-week intervals.  There is also news for foreigners with long-term residence in the Czech Republic, who will now have their vaccination against COVID-19 paid for by the Ministry of Health.

“The current epidemic situation is not good and is evolving in the wrong direction.  Therefore, at today’s cabinet meeting we had to adopt further anti-epidemic measures.  However, in addition to the newly introduced measures, it is especially necessary to responsibly comply with the existing ones.  Only thanks to the responsibility of each of us and the highest possible vaccination coverage will we be able to not only effectively counter the epidemic, but also to minimize its impact,” explained Health Minister Adam Vojtěch.

From Monday 15 November, all university students will have to wear masks not only in the common areas but also during classes.  This measure will apply in classrooms where 50 or more students are present during classes.

The government has also approved the mandatory testing of employees at hospitals and other inpatient facilities at weekly intervals.  The first tests must be carried out by 22 November at the latest.  An exception to this measure, which will take effect on November 15, will be made for those who have completed the COVID-19 vaccination.

The last news concerns foreigners with legal long-term residence in the Czech Republic.  These persons will now have their vaccinations covered by the budget of the Ministry of Health.  Vaccination will therefore essentially be free of charge for these persons and they will only have to pay for the application itself.