Requirements for university (scientific-academic institutions)

The participants (students and academics) must observe the following measures:

  • Health: attendance at lessons and examinations will be permitted under the following conditions:
    • no acute health problems suggesting a viral infection (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.),
    • mandatory disinfection of the hands when entering the examination room,
    • mandatory protection of the upper respiratory passages on both sides (students and academics),
    • the persons must not be under quarantine,
    • students will sign a declaration that they are free of infection.
  • Organisational measures:
    • Students will arrive at the lesson/examination at the stipulated time in order to minimise the risk of spreading potential infection; students will be divided into smaller groups of max. 5 people,
    • the evaluation and declaration of examination results will always take place after testing 1 student within the given time interval,
    • after receiving the examination results, the student will leave the building immediately,
    • the classroom/laboratory will be prepared so as to ensure sufficient space between the students and academics alike (at least 2 meters); distances must also be maintained in the common areas,
    • before the examination, students will wait in a separate (waiting) room under the same conditions,
    • the number of examination committee members will be reduced to the essential minimum, so as to maintain the equality of testing students by experts in the given fields.