Requirements for the operation of zoos, botanical gardens, arboretums and similar facilities which can be accessed only on the basis of tickets

  • Visitors will be able to purchase only time-limited tickets via remote access – online, meaning without the option of purchasing tickets on the spot.
  • The number of visitors on one day will be limited so as not to exceed 150 people per hectare of space of the facility.
  • Indoor pavilions and exhibits are closed.
  • The operator ensures increased disinfection of the compound, a distance of at least four meters between benches, restricted contact between visitors and employees caring for the animals.
  • Refreshments may be sold only through vending machines, in exceptional cases from a sales window.
  • The operator will take measures to prevent the aggregation of people and control the fulfilment of minimum distances at places where the accumulation of people may be expected, e.g. children’s playgrounds, areas near the toilets, resting areas, attractions, refreshment zones, etc.