Requirements for the operation of health clubs, gyms and fitness centers

It is necessary to ensure the following:

  • Limit the presence of clients so that there is a distance of at least 2 meters between them and there is a maximum of 1 client per every 10 m2; it is necessary to calculate the active exercise area and regulate the number of visitors for this purpose,
  • protective respiratory equipment must be worn upon entrance and while exercising,
  • the changing rooms and showers must not be used,
  • the staff must use protective masks (reception, trainers, instructors),
  • ensure the disinfection of machines and other exercise equipment and gear after use by every client,
  • regularly disinfect the places where clients move about,
  • ensure hand disinfectant for staff and clients,
  • clients will mandatorily disinfect their hands before starting and after concluding their exercise,
  • sell only packaged beverages and packaged foods,
  • prioritise touchless payment,
  • use air conditioning only with separate air intake and outlet,
  • individual training can only be conducted in one-on-one mode,
  • in classrooms for group exercises without personal contact, mark the exercise spaces so as to maintain the required distance of 2 meters between individual participants, while observing a maximum number of 8 participants and 1 trainer,
  • adjust the time schedule to ensure the cleaning, ventilation and disinfection of the premises between individual lessons.