Requirements for sports in public

  • Protection of the respiratory passages (nose, mouth) to prevent the spread of droplets is required, except for outdoor sports grounds where the persons participating in sports, or groups of persons performing sports together, are separated from other persons by a physical obstacle (e.g. wall or fence) or by a distance of at least 2 meters,
  • A maximum of ten persons perform sports together, except for household members, and a distance of at least 2 meters must be maintained from other persons while performing sports,
  • The related indoor premises of the sports grounds are not used, in particular the common change rooms, washrooms, showers and similar facilities at which the aforementioned conditions would not be met, with the exception of use of the toilets under the condition that measures are put in place to prevent the encounter of several persons indoors at once; however, in these cases it is necessary to implement heightened hygienic measures, in particular the disinfection of the hands and also places commonly touched by hands.