Requirements for outlets of up to 2500 m2 of surface area

  • actively prevent customers from coming closer than 2 meters to one another; the recommended minimum area per customer is 10 m2 of sales area,
  • ensure the management of queues of waiting customers, both inside and outside the store, particularly by marking the waiting area and placing symbols indicating the minimum distance between customers (a minimum distance of 2 m),
  • prioritise cashless payments,
  • place disinfectants near frequently touched objects (especially handles, railings, shopping carts), so that it is available to employees and customers of the establishment and can be used for regular disinfection,
  • to ensure that workers at the establishment wear gloves when coming into contact with goods or accepting payments from customers,
  • to ensure that customers are informed of the above rules, primarily by means of information posters at the entrance and throughout the establishment, or by stating the rules through loudspeaker announcements in the establishment.
  • trying on clothing is prohibited both at clothing stores and hypermarkets where food and other commodities are sold,
  • trying on footwear is possible under the condition that the customer disinfects their hands and only tries on footwear in socks.
  • customers may only handle books after disinfecting their hands at the entrance to the store,
  • if goods are returned by the customer as part of a claim, it is recommended to keep these goods “in quarantine” for two days without use, to place them in their packaging into a container/box labelled “Quarantine” and to not handle the goods or return them to sale during this period,
  • an area exceeding 2500 m2 may be separated by tape or other suitable means in order to respect the maximum temporarily permitted area.

The following also applies:

  • The sale of unpackaged bakery goods is only possible if the following conditions are met:
    • it is ensured that there is no crowding of people at the bakery product collection points,
    • the point of sale is equipped with personal hygiene aids.
  • the business owners operating a self-service grocery store must provide disposable gloves free of charge to customers at each entrance to such a shop, or other similar hand protection (e.g. plastic bags).