Requirements for organised training of professional and amateur athletes at outdoor and indoor sports grounds with at most 100 participants at any one time

  • No more than 100 persons may be present at the sports grounds at the same time;
  • A distance of at least 2 metres must be maintained between the athletes and other persons;
  • During training or matches, the athletes are not required to wear protective respiratory equipment (nose, mouth) that prevents the spreading of droplets;
  • A container with a disinfectant product for disinfection of the hands must be available at the sports grounds;
  • The related indoor premises of the sports grounds must not be used, in particular the common changing rooms, washrooms, showers and similar facilities, with the exception of use of the toilets under the condition that measures are put in place to prevent several persons meeting indoors at once; however, in these cases it is necessary to implement heightened hygienic measures, in particular disinfection of the hands and also places commonly touched by hands;
  • After training, all the used training equipment must be regularly disinfected.