Requirements for establishments with an area of over 2 500 m2 where operation has not been prohibited

The following rules must be observed at establishments where operation has not been prohibited:

  • Actively prevent customers from coming closer than 2 metres from each other;
  • Manage queues of customers, both inside and outside the store, in particular by marking the area and placing symbols indicating the minimum distance of 2 metres between customers;
  • Place disinfectants near frequently touched objects (especially handles, railings and shopping carts), so that they are available to employees and customers of the establishment and can be used for regular disinfection;
  • Ensure that workers at the establishment wear gloves when coming into contact with goods or accepting payments from customers;
  • Ensure that customers are informed of the above rules, primarily by means of information posters at entrances and throughout the establishment, or by stating the rules through loudspeaker announcements in the establishment.

The sale of unpackaged bakery goods is possible only if the following conditions are met:

  • It is ensured that there is no crowding of people at the bakery product collection points;
  • The point of sale is equipped with personal hygiene aids.

Business owners operating a self-service grocery store must provide disposable gloves or other similar hand protection (e.g. plastic bags) free of charge to customers at each entrance to such store.