Requirements for church services with at most 100 participants

  • The participants at the service must maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres between each other at the place of the service (church, choir, etc.), except for family members;
  • The participants at the service must disinfect their hands before entering the premises where the service will take place;
  • The participants at the service must wear protective respiratory equipment (nose, mouth) that prevents the spread of droplets, except when taking the Eucharist/communion;
  • The benediction and blessing with holy water and similar rituals during the service must be omitted;
  • The clergyman must disinfect his hands at least before the start of the service, and before and after serving the Eucharist/communion;
  • Whilst observing liturgical regulations, the length of the service should not be arbitrarily extended;
  • The premises where the service takes place must be properly ventilated and contact points (handles, pews, etc.) must be disinfected after the service;
  • The worshipers must be prevented from entering other places in the church/choir except for the primary area of the service;
  • The same rules also apply to weddings and christenings; churches/choirs may remain open outside of services for private prayer and individual spiritual care.