Requirements for barbers and hairdressers

The following rules must be observed at establishments:

  • When performing their work, a barber or hairdresser (hereinafter only “barber”) must use double protection for their respiratory passages, meaning a protective shield in addition to a face mask;
  • A distance of at least 2 m must be maintained between customers; likewise, a distance of at least 2 m must be maintained between one barber and their customers and any other barbers and their customers;
  • If a barber or customer has a body temperature of 37°C or higher, or has other COVID-19 disease symptoms, they must be prevented from entering the barber or hairdresser establishment;
  • Disinfectant products for hand disinfection must be available at the barber or hairdresser establishment;
  • Antibacterial soap and disinfectant products to disinfect the hands, and disposable towels must be available in restrooms;
  • Before commencing and after concluding provision of the service, and when moving to another customer, a barber must always disinfect their hands using a product with a virucidal effect; if they are using gloves, they must replace them and disinfect their hands before putting on new gloves;
  • Surface disinfection, including all used hairdressing instruments, must be carried out after providing the service to each customer;
  • The floor must be disinfected at least once per day.

Other recommended measures:

  • Contactless payment should be preferred.