Requirements for artistic performances, sports or other large events with a maximum of 100 participants at any one time

These requirements apply to theatre, music, film and other artistic performances, sports, cultural, religious, association, dance, traditional and other similar events and gatherings, exhibitions, festivals, funfairs, shows, circuses, tastings, markets, and fairs, educational events, celebrations, both public and private, attended by a maximum of 100 persons at any one time.

  • The operator will ensure at least one person to supervise the observance of the following rules and encourage attendees and other persons to observe them;
  • The instructions will be disclosed to attendees and other persons primarily through information signs, posters, displays, screens, etc.;
  • The maximum number of participants at a performance, gathering or other event will always be 100 persons;
  • In the case of seating on rigidly attached seats, the attendees must be seated only in every other row, while in each row the attendees will be seated so that a maximum of two persons can be seated next to each other, and there is at least one empty seat between them and other persons;
  • Apart from stands, seating in places otherwise designated for seating will be restricted;
  • In the case of seating on seats which are not rigidly attached, the attendees must be seated so that they sit at most in pairs and are separated from other persons by at least 1.5 m;
  • There must be a distance of at least 2 m between ticket issue points;
  • A distance of at least 2 m must be maintained between persons in queues waiting to purchase tickets, and they must be requested by means of information posters to observe this distance and to preferably pay with payment cards;
  • Hand disinfectant products must be available at entrances and in restrooms;
  • No foods or beverages may be served or consumed;
  • Before the start of the performance, etc., the entire premises designated for attendees must be disinfected, and there must be regular cleaning even during operation (disinfecting of handles, railings, counters, etc.), while daily cleaning will be performed using disinfectant products with virucidal effects and in accordance with potential additional recommendations from the respective regional public health authority.

The following applies to large events at indoor and outdoor premises:

  • A distance of at least 2 metres must be maintained between persons, excluding household members;
  • A container with a disinfectant product for hand disinfection must be available.