Requirements for all outlets at shopping centres with an area of over 5 000 m2, except for catering facilities

  • The operator must ensure at least one person to supervise the observance of the following rules and encourage customers and other persons to observe them;
  • The following instructions for customers must be provided to customers and other persons primarily through information signs, posters, displays, over the intercom, etc.;
  • The operator must ensure the visible posting of instructions to maintain a distance of 2 metres between persons in the publicly accessible areas of the shopping centre (e.g. by means of infographics, spots on the centre’s radio station, infographics at the entrance to stores and other facilities, infographics on the floors of public areas, etc.);
  • A systemic cleaning plan must be implemented, defining the system for cleaning, disinfection, or decontamination of common areas based on expert recommendations from the local regional public health authority;
  • The gathering of persons will be restricted, particularly in areas where this can be expected, e.g. in the underground garages, areas in front of elevators, escalators, travellators, restrooms, etc.;
  • Hand disinfectant must be available for customers and employees at every entrance to the shopping centre;
  • Hand disinfectant must be available in all stores and other facilities, at least at every cash register or check-out zone;
  • Payment terminals must be disinfected at regular intervals;
  • The use of rest areas (chairs, lounges, benches, etc.) must be restricted so that people do not gather in these places;
  • Visible instructions to maintain a distance of 2 metres from others in the store premises must be posted at the entrance to every store;
  • The operator must ensure the training of employees to ensure and verify their awareness of the measures, symptoms of disease and prevention of contagion, including the protection of visitors and employees;
  • The operator must ensure the option of disposing of personal protective equipment (face masks, gloves, etc.) into communal waste bins for visitors and other persons at the shopping centre;
  • Children’s play areas and similar services must not be in operation.

Further recommended measures for shopping centre (SC) operators

  • Air circulation, air conditioning system – the SC must ensure the inflow of uncirculated air depending on technical and structural possibilities, and the cleanliness of the entire system, especially filtration systems. Recuperation is to be restricted.
  • Parking system – preference for contactless payments and parking system operation, regular hand disinfection for customers (ensure contactless operation of the parking system if technically and operationally feasible).
  • Bank and other ATMs – regular disinfection of all contact points.
  • Information stand, reception – availability of information about the imposed measures.

Recommended measures for the operators of leased units

  • Allow the reservation of certain opening hours only for persons over the age of 65, in accordance with the national standard.