Regular supplies of protective equipment for Czech healthcare staff to be secured thanks to long-term cooperation between the Ministry of Health and Respilon

In the forthcoming days, the Ministry of Health will receive 30,000 ReSpimask face masks with nanofiber filters from the Czech company Respilon based on a donation agreement. Compared to classic non-woven textile fact masks, they capture 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and thus protect both the user and their surroundings. The masks will be sent to hospitals immediately. Long-term cooperation has also been established with the company to ensure regular supplies of protective equipment for the Czech healthcare system. 

Respilon is a supplier of nanofiber face masks and respirators. At present, it has decided to donate an extraordinary supply of this protective equipment to the Czech healthcare system. “On behalf of the Ministry of Health, I would like to thank Respilon for donating 30,000 protective face masks. We will start distributing them to Czech healthcare staff immediately,” stated Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch. 
Moreover, from mid-April the company will start supplying the Czech Republic with the newly-developed special RespiPro VK – Virus Killer respirators with a filter enriched with accelerated copper oxide. Thanks to this innovation, the mask not only traps pathogens including the coronavirus, but also actively kills them. This ranks them among the highest grade safety equipment that can be used repeatedly for several days. “From April, Respilon will supply the Ministry with 100,000 special respirators per week. These highly effective respirators will be designated primarily for doctors in the field and at hospitals,” specified deputy minister Filip Vrubel. 
The Ministry of Health is currently striving to ensure maximum self-sufficiency for the Czech Republic in the production of protective equipment. For this reason, long-term strategic cooperation has been established with the Czech company Respilon. Together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the health department will seek ways to help move the production of this protective equipment directly into the Czech Republic. This activity may be considered strategic and in the interest of the state.