Recommendation of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on the easing of measures from 20 April 2020

Requirements for university (scientific-academic institutions)

The participants (students and academics) must observe the following measures:

State of health: attendance at lessons and examinations will be permitted under the following conditions:

  • No acute health problems suggesting viral infection (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.),
  • mandatory disinfection of the hands when entering the examination room,
  • mandatory protection of the upper respiratory passages for both sides (students and academics),
  • the persons must not be under quarantine,
  • students will sign a declaration that they are free of infection.

Organisational measures:

  • Students will arrive at the lesson/examination at the stipulated time to minimise the risk of spreading potential infection; students will be divided into smaller groups of at most 5 people,
  • the evaluation and declaration of examination results will always take place after the testing of each student within a given time interval,
  • after receiving the examination results, the student will immediately leave the building,
  • the classroom/laboratory will be prepared to ensure sufficient space between the students and academics (at least 2 metres); while these distances must also be maintained in the common areas,
  • before an examination, students will wait in a separate (waiting) room under the same conditions,
  • the number of examination committee members will be reduced to the essential minimum to maintain the equality of testing students by experts in the given fields.

Preventive requirements for all permitted stores

  • Observance of a distance of at least 2 metres (the recommended area, respectively capacity, per customer is at least 10 m2 of retail area),
  • hand disinfectant must be available on site,
  • mandatory protection of the upper respiratory passages for both sides (employees and customers),
  • staff must wear gloves,
  • gloves must be available for customers upon request.

Specification of requirements regarding: Farmer’s markets and marketplaces and other markets and marketplaces.

  • Ensure a distance of a least 2 metres between stalls, tables or other points of sale,
  • actively prevent customers from approaching to less than 2 metres from each other,
  • place disinfectant products at every point of sale,
  • mandatory protection of the upper respiratory passages for both sides (point of sale employees and customers),
  • ensure that workers at points of sale wear gloves when coming into contact with goods or accepting payments from customers,
  • sell goods without the option of tasting, the consumption of foods or meals, or trying on clothing at the point of sale.

Specification of requirements regarding: Conditions for outdoor training activities for professional athletes with no public attendance, in smaller groups under precisely defined conditions

Concerns athletes with a professional contract, top athletes of the Ministry of Defence – Czech Army, the Ministry of the Interior of the CR and VSC – the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports .

  • Training is conducted on outdoor sports grounds with no public attendance,
  • only one group of no more than 8 athletes conducting sports together is present on the sports grounds at one time, and the required members of the implementation team,
  • a distance of at least 2 metres is maintained between the athletes and other persons,
  • during training, the athletes are not required to wear protective respiratory equipment (nose, mouth) to prevent the spreading of droplets,
  • no contact, combat training will be conducted,
  • a container with a disinfectant product for the hands will be available on the sports grounds,
  • no related indoor sports facilities are used, in particular shared changing rooms, washrooms, showers and similar amenities,
  • the use of toilets may be permitted under the condition that measures are put in place to prevent several people meeting indoors; however, in these cases it is necessary to implement heightened hygiene measures, in particular disinfection of the hands and also places commonly touched by hands,
  • all the used training equipment will be regularly disinfected after training.

Specification of requirements regarding: Wedding ceremonies with at most 10 people

Observe the distancing measures, except for persons who share the same household and the newlyweds.
The fulfilment of basic preventive rules (hand hygiene, mandatory protection of upper respiratory passages except for the fiancées/newlyweds, without personal congratulations except for non-risk groups who share the same household, all the used items will be regularly disinfected at the end of the wedding ceremony).