Pupils will not have to be tested during school activities

The Ministry of Health has come up with an amendment to the extraordinary measure for retail. It will now exempt school activities starting from 13 September. The amendment was approved by the government today.

“In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, we have simplified the conditions for school children. Thus, participants in school activities such as swimming lessons will no longer have to prove their infection-free status. To put it simply, if pupils go swimming as part of their education, they will not have to show an OTN certificate, demonstrating they have been vaccinated, undergone the disease or have a negative test,” stated Health Minister Adam Vojtěch, explaining the reasons for the change to the extraordinary measure.

Hence, indoor sports grounds and swimming pools will be exempted from the requirement of demonstrating infection-free status and distancing, in the context of physical education lessons for pupils from one school. At the same time, the rules for educational events and examinations at universities are also more clearly regulated. Students at these schools will not have to show an OTN certificate. This regulation remains in force only for educational events and examinations that take place outside of university studies.

The government has also amended the extraordinary measure concerning testing within social and healthcare services.  The range of providers required to carry out testing of their staff and patients is expanded to include providers of inpatient after-care starting from 13 September. The first tests must be carried out by 20 September.