Pregnant and nursing women can safely get the COVID-19 vaccine

Based on the opinion of the Czech Vaccinology Society of the Czech Medical Society of Jan Evangelista Purkyně and the  ČSL JEP Obstetrics Society, pregnant and nursing women can be safely vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Pregnant women are not more at risk of COVID-19 contagion than women in the same age group, but they might suffer a more severe case of illness. Vaccinologists and gynecologists have therefore agreed that pregnant women should have the opportunity to get vaccinated like the rest of the adult population based on age, clinical and employment risk,” said the Deputy for Healthcare and Head of the COVID Clinical Group at the Ministry of Health, Martina Vašáková. “The decision to get vaccinated during pregnancy is a personal and individual choice for every pregnant woman. The vaccines are also safe for nursing mothers and their breastfed children,” added Vašáková.

Among most pregnant women, the course of COVID-19 is asymptomatic or mild. Pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy are at a higher risk of a severe course of the COVID-19 disease. Other risk factors for the severe course of COVID-19 during pregnancy are: being over 35 years of age, obesity, pre-gestational diabetes mellitus, pre-existing hypertension and other chronic diseases. Pregnant women with COVID-19 during the third trimester of pregnancy are at a greater risk of premature birth than women without COVID-19, which is why vaccination should not be postponed during pregnancy.

Vaccination during pregnancy is best when planned after the end of the 12th week, meaning any time from the 13th week. If pregnancy is determined after the first dose of a vaccine against COVID-19, it is advisable to administer the second dose only after the end of the 12th week of pregnancy. The vaccine is functional and stimulates the immune system regardless of the phase of pregnancy in which it is administered. Vaccination is also possible immediately after childbirth.

The Ministry of Health has provided the opinion of the expert society to all healthcare services providers who perform vaccination.

Attached is the full text of the opinion of the expert society.

Opinion on vaccination against COVID-19 among pregnant and nursing women (only in the Czech language).