Myths and Facts

What should I believe on the internet about coronavirus?
Unfortunately, various myths regarding coronavirus are appearing. You can find more information about what is and is not true at the website (only in the Czech language).  We would also like to recommend you monitor tried-and-tested websites of national and international organisations and the relevant media.

Is it possible to contract the disease through mail from China?
No case of such a transmission has yet to be confirmed. It is very improbable that we would see the required combination of factors, where a sick person infected a package, the virus survived the journey round the world and got into the recipient’s mucous membrane, causing the disease. If you are still worried, it is sufficient to disinfect mail and thoroughly wash or disinfect your hands after you handle it.

Does alcohol work as prevention?
Alcohol can be viewed only as effective disinfection of the hands and surfaces in a concentration of 70% or more. Consuming alcohol, however, is not protection, as it does not cover all the mucous membrane and is damaging for the mucous membrane in a high concentration.

Does chlorine work as a disinfectant?
Chlorine is only an effective disinfectant for surfaces, not for human skin. In addition, chlorine cannot be consumed in any way.

Can nasal drops destroy the virus?
Nasal drops cannot destroy the virus.

Can garlic prevent an infection?
Garlic is a healthy food that strengthens the immune system, but it has not been proven that it can prevent infection.

Does regularly drinking hot water prevent infection?
Regularly drinking hot water is not effective against the coronavirus.

Will antibiotics help me?
Antibiotics are not effective against viral diseases. On the contrary, excessive consumption can harm the human body.

Does smoking have an influence on the disease?
Smoking does not have an influence on the start or course of the disease.

Do drinks containing quinine (e.g. tonic) have any effect?
Such drinks do not have any effect on the disease.

Will the virus survive in a cold environment?
Current research indicates that the virus can be transmitted in cold and warm climates.

Can a pet be infected?
No such case has yet been recorded, but it is a virus that can be transmitted to animals. It is therefore recommended that you comply with strict hygiene recommendations when in contact with pets.

Does red algae have curative effects?
Red algae has curative effects against viruses, but such an effect has in no way been proven against the novel coronavirus.