Ministry of Health Will Make Pupils’ and Students’ Lives Easier

At a cabinet meeting, the government approved an amendment to the extraordinary measure in retail and services. From 30 September, this will make the lives of pupils, students and their parents markedly easier.  Now it will not be necessary to, for example, produce a VTI confirmation at regular leisure-time activities in the same collective. In addition, the document will not be necessary in the case of concerts, theatre or film presentations or sports matches, provided they are attended by no more than 20 persons.

This step is not only a response to current trends in the epidemic, but we are primarily helping out parents and children whose lives are complicated by the current measures.At the current time, more than a third of children aged 12-15 are participating in vaccination and I hope that the number of vaccinated will continue to grow.It would be naive to think that the epidemic was at an end.I repeat that it is necessary to be cautious.If we continue to be cautious, we can afford such steps,” said Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch of today’s government decision.

In practice, the government’s decision means that a VTI (vaccination, test or illness) confirmation will not be required for accommodation services, if the accommodation services are provided as part of education exclusively to the children, pupils or students of one school and their supervisors, or if the operator ensures the division of the premises so that the children, pupils or students from one school use different spaces to those used by other persons using the accommodation services. In other words this will facilitate not only the operation of boarding schools, but also primarily school trips and preparatory courses for students.

A VTI document will not be necessary in the case of organised regular leisure-time activities in an unchanging collective. However, what organisers have to think about in such a case is maintaining records of participants. This is primarily so that public health officers can easily perform tracing in the event that one of the regular attendees is affected by the coronavirus.

A VTI will not have to be submitted for training by professional athletes and training by amateur athletes organised by sports associations or for sports events. Again, however, there is the rule about the maximum number of participants (20 persons). In the case of irregular activities or regular activities in a changing collective, a VTI confirmation continues to be required, but we have extended the validity of antigen tests to 7 days.