Ministry of Health to allow increased capacity for mass events

Effective from 1 September, the Ministry of Health is amending the rules for mass events. Now it will be possible to use up to 50% of the remaining capacity of premises with a capacity of more than 1,000 persons. The other anti-epidemic measures, such as the division of premises for mass events into sectors or the obligation to wear a mask in the indoor premises of mass events for over 100 people, remain in effect. 

“We have received a number of suggestions from the organizers of cultural events, requesting the easing of the defined anti-epidemic measures. The main priority for our ministry will always be to maximally protect public health. On the other hand, upon consulting the epidemiologists, we have reached a consensus which on one hand allows us to increase the capacity of mass events to some extent, while still observing the essential anti-epidemic rules,” said Minister for Health Adam Vojtěch.

The new measure concerns events held both indoors and outdoors, with a capacity of more than 1,000 persons. In this case, there may be 1,000 persons on the premises and the remaining capacity may be filled to 50%. “In practice, this means that if the event is held in a venue for 1,500 persons, it can be filled with up to 1,250 viewers, given that these will be divided into sectors of maximally 500 persons each. If the event is held outdoors, e.g. at a stadium for 5,000 persons, it may be attended by up to 3,000 persons who will be divided into sectors of maximally 1,000 persons each,” Jarmila Rážová, Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic, specified the newly defined rules. 

It still applies that the premises where these events are held must be divided into organizationally-partitioned sectors, whereas the maximum capacity in indoor premises is 500 persons and on outdoor premises 1,000 persons. Each sector must have a separate entrance from outdoors, or the organizers are obliged to regulate access to and from the sectors at intervals so as to prevent undesirable congregation.

A distance of at least 2 meters must be maintained between the performers (actors, singers, athletes, lecturers) and the spectators or else an impenetrable barrier to prevent the spread of droplets must be installed (e.g. glass, plexiglass, etc.). A two-meter distance must also be maintained between persons in neighbouring sectors.

As for events with live musical productions, sectors reserved for standing cannot be created.

The rules for wearing protective respiratory equipment remain unchanged, meaning that masks are mandatory at indoor events for more than 100 persons, except for the performers and lecturers.

The full text of the extraordinary measure is available here.