Ministry of Health reintroduces face masks and reduces the maximum number of people permitted to attend indoor events

According to the data concerning developments in the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations from epidemiologists, the obligation to wear a face mask will be reintroduced on Saturday, 25 July, for all large organized events held indoors with over 100 people. From Monday, 27 July, the maximum number of people permitted at large indoor events will be reduced to 500. Organisers will be able to open a maximum of five separate adjacent sections accessible to a maximum of 500 people each.

The epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic is still deemed stable overall despite seeing a rise in the number of people testing positive for COVID in locally occurring outbreaks. Several small focal points pose a potential risk of contagion in the community. Adopting basic anti-epidemic measures across the Czech Republic is therefore recommended to assist in preventing the virus spreading further throughout the community and population.

“The extraordinary measure applies to both public and private organised events, including concerts, social, cultural and sporting events, weddings and funerals. Regarding face masks, this obligation does not apply to individuals visiting restaurants or bars,” said the Minister for Health Adam Vojtěch.

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Over the next two weeks, the effect of these measures and their impact on the epidemiological situation will be regularly evaluated. “There is no reason to speak about waves of contagion. We would like to keep emphasising that the coronavirus has not disappeared and is still and will remain among us. Incidentally, the currently deteriorating situation in Israel is a demonstration of this. We do not want to take the same drastic measures as we did in spring. Prevention, not only on our part but also by citizens, is needed to avoid repeating those types of measures. In addition to washing hands and maintaining two meters social distance, I personally recommend wearing a mask in places with higher concentrations of people and avoiding large events,” added the Minister.