Ministry of Health reduces maximum price of COVID-19 tests for self-payers

Effective from 8 June, the Ministry of Health will issue a new pricing regulation which stipulates the maximum price of PCR and antigen tests for self-payers. People will thus pay maximally CZK 614 for a PCR test plus CZK 200 for sampling, and maximally CZK 201 for an antigen test. To date, the price for a PCR test was CZK 1,310 and an antigen test CZK 351.

“At present, every citizen has two paid PCR tests per month and one paid antigen test per week. In addition to this, we want the other tests that people pay for themselves to be as affordable as possible, because they are a condition for access to services, events, healthcare and social service facilities, and travel. Therefore, we have substantially reduced the maximum price of tests for self-payers, in the case of PCR tests by a full half,” said Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch.

The pricing regulation of the Ministry of Health is available here (only in the Czech language).