Ministry of Health launches the central reservation system

On Friday, 15 January at 8:00 a.m., the Ministry of Health will launch the new central reservation system for vaccination against Covid-19 for selected population groups. Persons over the age of 80 can register via the website at  (only in the Czech language) or via telephone at 1221. Other persons, such as relatives or their general practitioner, can help them register.

The central reservation system offers those interested the option of registering and reserving a vaccination. The registration is an online registration form for persons indicating their interest and consent to the vaccination, and it requires the completion of data for prioritization. A point score will be calculated based on the registration and, together with the vaccine delivery plan, will determine when the person will be invited to book a specific date.

“The reservation system will provide reservations of the first and second date simultaneously, including the option of changing the date and commenting on the individual appointments. All in one place. The system works with other information systems of the department, e.g. ISIN, which is used to keep records of performed vaccinations and to issue the certificate of the performed vaccination. The overall solution offers better vaccination coordination and logistics on a national and regional level. In preparing the new system, the team applied its experience with the ordering system for testing inhabitants for coronavirus, said Minister of Health Jan Blatný. Dates can be booked directly at the Central Reservation System portal (only in the Czech language), or at the telephone number 1221.

Healthcare professionals can register via the healthcare facility, and their registration will start on 18 January, but at latest on 22 January. “Over the weekend, the system will be linked to the database of healthcare professionals in the Czech Republic.” The reason is to prevent people from cheating,” added Minister Blatný.

When accessing the form, those interested in vaccination will first enter their telephone number, at which they will receive a PIN code for confirmation. This serves as a security measure against unauthorised logins by robotic computer programs. The registered person will then enter their name, permanent address, personal number and name and number of their insurance company. They will also choose the preferred location for vaccination.

The central reservation system is based on experience from blanket antigen testing. Its aim is to offer those interested the convenient booking of vaccination dates and to enable access to a vaccination booking within the individual regions from a single spot.