Minister Vojtěch signs a memorandum on the supply of respirators with CTU

Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch signed a memorandum of mutual cooperation in combatting the coronavirus with the support of science and research today with the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) and its start-up TRIX Connections. The main goal is to supply Czech hospitals as soon as possible with the highest safety grade FFP3 respirators developed by the Czech Technical University, which are manufactured on 3D printers.

“Thanks to the fantastic work carried out by CTU, we will soon have regular supplies of premium quality respirators for our university hospitals. Our scientists have done an amazing job! We affirmed our cooperation with CTU and its start-up TRIX Connections today with a memorandum. This week, CTU will supply us with 600 respirators, adding 500 units per day from April, and they are developing means of increasing the capacity of respirator production to up to 10,000 units per day. All those involved are working on a voluntary basis, we will only be funding the production material for 3D printing,” said Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch.
Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch signed today’s memorandum of cooperation with CTU rector Vojtěch Petráček and representative of the CTU start-up Trix Connection Jaroslav Lískovec. All parties to the memorandum declared that the respirators will only be commercially supplied to the Ministry of Health and will be used exclusively by healthcare facilities and their staff.