Masks to be mandatory in selected indoor spaces from 1 September

From 1 September, masks will be mandatory at healthcare and social service facilities, on public transit and in public offices and voting rooms. The capacity of mass events remains the same, but a face mask will be required to attend indoor events with more than 100 attendees.

“As of 1 September, we are enforcing masks universally only at locations with the highest epidemiological risk. Nevertheless, we recommend wearing a mask wherever there are many people and a safe distance cannot be maintained. It is crucial for people to remember that the virus is among us and won’t disappear any time soon. In order to avoid implementing nation-wide measures, we must all be responsible and cautious now. We ask citizens to observe basic hygienic rules – hand washing, social distancing and face masks,” Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch appealed to the public.  

The extraordinary measure which imposes the obligation to protect the respiratory passages will apply from September for certain indoor premises of buildings and public transit, specifically:

  • healthcare and social service facilities (hospitals, emergency wards, medical clinics, senior’s homes, residential institutions, pharmacies and other facilities),
  • public offices (rooms for contact with the public during the hours when they serve this purpose),
  • public transit (city transit, commuter transit, taxi services, holiday buses and others),
  • indoor events for more than 100 people,
  • voting rooms.

“The necessary exemptions from the obligation to wear a mask will remain in place, namely among children under two years of age, persons with intellectual disorders, public transit drivers and users at social care facilities and certain other cases,” said Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic Jarmila Rážová. “Furthermore, I would ask us, as citizens, to exercise increased hand hygiene in the forthcoming period of increased incidence of respiratory diseases, and to remain at home or contact their general practitioner, especially if they are not feeling well,” added Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic Jarmila Rážová.

Overview of valid exemptions from the extraordinary measure:

  • children under two years of age;
  • persons with intellectual disorders, disorders on the autistic spectrum and cognitive disorders or severe alterations of their mental state, whose mental capacity or current mental state does not allow them to observe this prohibition,
  • patients, if they are hospitalized in inpatient healthcare facilities and if it is necessary for the provision of healthcare services,
  • healthcare workers for the necessary period of time, if required for the provision of healthcare services;
  • social service users in social service buildings, such as weekly care centres, homes for persons with a medical handicap, homes for senior citizens and homes with a special regime, and in facilities providing facilitating social services in residential form;
  • other cases worthy of consideration that are stipulated by a healthcare or social service provider or attending doctor for movement and staying in healthcare facilities and social service facilities;
  • persons driving public transit vehicles or buses as a part of transport other than public transport who are not in direct contact with passengers during their handling;
  • judges, lay assessors, public prosecutors, accused persons and their defense attorneys, parties to civil, administrative and constitutional court proceedings and their representatives, witnesses, experts, interpreters and other persons for which a court thus decides, in the place and at the time of the court proceedings;
  • persons travelling on public transport and in buses as a part of transport other than public transport for the necessary period for the consumption of food and meals, including drinks;
  • fiancees in the course of the wedding ceremony and other persons attending the ceremony, and persons declaring that they are entering into registered partnership together and other persons attending this declaration,
  • persons for the essential time needed to take their portrait photograph, or photographs of newlyweds, including a group photograph with household members and other direct relatives;
  • movement about and presence in spa and treatment pool premises.