List of countries according to the level of risk

Updated 25 September 2020

Notice from the Ministry of Health issuing a list of countries or parts thereof with a low risk of covid-19 contagion:

Principality of Andorra, Commonwealth of Australia, Kingdom of Belgium, Republic of Bulgaria, Kingdom of Denmark, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Finland, French Republic*, Republic of Croatia*, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Iceland, Italian Republic, Japan, Canada, Republic of Korea, Republic of Cyprus, Principality of Liechtenstein, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Latvia, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg*, Republic of Hungary, Republic of Malta*, Principality of Monaco, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kingdom of Norway, New Zealand, Republic of Poland, Portuguese Republic, Republic of Austria, Romania*, Hellenic Republic, Republic of San Marino, Slovak Republic, Republic of Slovenia, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Tunisia, Kingdom of Sweden, Swiss Confederation, Vatican City State, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Countries marked with an asterisk (*) are countries identified under Art. III.1 for the purposes of Art. I.11 of the Ministry of Health’s extraordinary measure of 24 August 2020. This notice is issued with effect from 25 August 2020.

The map shows countries which are safe for travel using the color green. If countries are marked in red, there is an unfavorable development of covid-19 with a high risk of infection in that country. Citizens and residents of the Czech Republic can travel to countries marked in green without restrictions when returning. However, a test for covid-19 will be required when travelling from countries marked in red.

For countries in the category of red EU countries, presentation of a negative test for covid-19 or undergoing a period of quarantine is necessary. This applies both to Czech citizens and also to citizens of those EU countries who can also travel to the Czech Republic as tourists.

For countries in the category of red non-EU countries (countries which are not on the list) where there is a high risk of infection, the specific conditions determined by the protective measure still apply (citizens of these countries may only travel to the Czech Republic for the reasons specified in the protective measure and subject to presentation of a negative test for covid-19, or them undergoing a period of quarantine).

Information on travel to and from countries outside the EU can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (only in the Czech language).

Note: The list of countries according to the level of infection risk will be further updated on the basis of the current epidemiological situation.