Issuance of the Czech version of the European COVID-19 certificate

The issuing of the Czech version of the COVID Digital Certificate applies to persons who have been vaccinated outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

The precise guidelines for issuing these certificates are stipulated in the extraordinary measure establishing the vaccination schedule for persons: 

As of 12 July 2021, a vaccination certificate may be issued by a healthcare service provider on the basis of a proof of vaccination from a third country that meets the following requirements:

  • a written certificate issued in at least English by an authorised body operating in the given third country, stating that the vaccination has been fully completed,
  • the written confirmation must contain data about the vaccinated person, administered type of vaccine, date of administration of the vaccine, identification of the entity issuing the confirmation, and these data must be variable by remote access directly from the written confirmation;
  • the vaccination was administered using a vaccine authorised by the European Medicines Agency (Vaxzevria/AstraZeneca; Spikevax/Moderna; Comirnaty/Pfizer; Janssen);or a vaccine manufactured in accordance with a patent for the above vaccines that is approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use.

The Czech version of the COVID digital certificate of performed vaccination may be issued to:

  • a Czech citizen
  • a relative of a Czech citizen
  • an EU citizen who has been issued a confirmation of temporary residence within the territory of the Czech Republic or a permit for permanent residence within the territory of the Czech Republic
  • an accredited member of a diplomatic mission in the Czech Republic, including a private official, or an official of an international organisation registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

remote verifiability of the certificate issued by a third country for the purpose of issuing the COVID Digital Certificate:

  • the certificate contains a QR code which can be read with a regular reader
  • the certificate is accompanied by any other document that allows remote verifiability (e.g. a medical report issued by the facility that carried out the vaccination). This document must be at least in English or officially translated into Czech.

A Czech COVID digital certificate of vaccination will not be issued to holders of a COVID digital certificate issued by another EU or EEA country, as both certificates fulfil exactly the same requirements under the EU Regulation.

Countries and territories with remotely certifiable certificates

  1. Argentina
  2. Armenia
  3. Bhutan
  4. Brazil
  5. Great Britain
  6. Chile
  7. India
  8. Israel
  9. Jordan
  10. Kosovo
  11. Kurdistan
  12. Kuwait
  13. Lebanon
  14. Malaysia
  15. Mexico
  16. Moldavia
  17. Pakistan
  18. Palestine
  19. Philippines
  20. Saudi Arabia
  21. Serbia
  22. Singapore
  23. Sri Lanka
  24. United Arab Emirates
  25. United States of America

Countries and territories with a certificate for which additional confirmation is required for the issuance of a Czech certificate

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Albania
  3. Australia
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Bahrain
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Cambodia
  8. Canada
  9. Egypt
  10. Ethiopia
  11. Georgia
  12. Hongkong
  13. Japan
  14. Korea
  15. Laos
  16. Maldives
  17. Mongolia
  18. Montenegro
  19. Nepal
  20. Nigeria
  21. New Zeland
  22. Oman
  23. Qatar
  24. Rwanda
  25. Taiwan
  26. Uruguay
  27. Vietnam

Holders of certificates from other third countries cannot be issued a Czech COVID digital certificate.