Information for Patients with a Chronic Disease or Weakened Immunity

General recommendations given to the general public apply to chronic patients.  People with certain chronic diseases or weakened immunity are, however, facing greater risks than healthy people in connection with a potential novel coronavirus infection.  We have, therefore, prepared further recommendations for people with chronic disease.
Please help us communicate relevant and specific information for persons from groups with a greater risk of complications.  Also, please help doctors and medical professionals, by helping those patients find basic practical information, so that they approach a doctor only when they really need to.
Consult the leaflet below for general information.
The same general recommendations apply to chronic patients as they do to the general public.  It is necessary to proceed as in the case of a regular viral infection, i.e., adhere to basic rules of hygiene.

We recommend:

  • Wash your hands with water and soap frequently;
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser;
  • Disinfect your domestic environment, electronics, and other items used on a daily basis;
  • Protect yourselves in contact with others, use a face mask or a respirator;
  • When coughing/sneezing, cover your mouth with a handkerchief/tissue, or with your arm or sleeve – never cover your mouth with your hand!
  • Avoid contact with larger numbers of people, avoid anyone who is visibly ill (refuse visits with family and friends);
  • If possible, work from home, limit your travel (including within your own city).

In connection with chronic diseases, we recommend:

  • Postponing visits to a doctor that are not acute – contact your doctor by phone or e-mail, if necessary;
  • Do not stop using your regular medication without consulting with your specialist.

For patients with certain chronic diseases, in particular for patients undergoing immunosuppressive treatment, there are specific recommendations related to their particular diagnoses.  A valuable source of information are the relevant patient organisations that publish recommendations of specialised medical societies or prepare their recommendations in cooperation with them.

That is why you should monitor your patient organisation’s website.  For ease of use, you may find below links to recommendations and advice for patients suffering from particular diseases.

Diagnosis Link to information
Coeliac disease
CMP and acquired brain damage
Cystic fibrosis
Oncological breast disease
Oncological breast disease
Persons with a spinal lesion  
Patients with chronic intestinal inflammation
Patients with chronic intestinal inflammation
Rheumatic diseases
Multiple sclerosis
Spinal muscle atrophie
Muscle dystrophy  Duchenne/Becker