Increased number of attendees at mass events and increased service capacity as of 26 June

At yesterday’s session, the government approved a shift in the effective date of the previously discussed extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health easing the anti-epidemic measures, from 1 July to 26 June 2021. The government also permitted the recognition of vaccination from three countries.

As of 26 June, the maximum number of people allowed to attend cultural performances, sporting events and also educational events will be increased to 2,000 persons indoors and 5,000 persons outdoors. Live music productions will also be possible in clubs and catering facilities, provided a distance of two meters from the performers is maintained. However, the ban on dancing will remain in place. “People come into close contact with each other when dancing, during which there is a high likelihood of droplets spreading. This also increases the risk of transfer of the COVID-19 disease,” says Chief Public Health Officer Pavla Svrčinová, explaining the reasons why the ban on dancing will not yet be lifted. The increase in maximum capacity also relates to private and public mass gatherings, this being with the presence of up to 500 people being allowed inside and 1,000 people outside. The capacity of swimming pools and wellness facilities will also increase, this being up to 75% of their total capacity.

On the premises of retail stores and service establishments, the rule of 1 customer per 10 m² of sales premises will apply. The ban on promotional events during which a person ensuring their running is present, e.g. tasting at shops, has been lifted.

The obligation of proving that you are infection-free persists in services and for cultural, sporting and other mass gatherings, i.e. provision of proof that you have been vaccinated, This means that before entering, people must present a vaccination certificate, valid negative test or confirmation that they have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 180 days. Confirmation of all these options can be downloaded from

The Ministry had presented the easing of these measures earlier on. Today, the government merely changed the effective date, given that the measure also includes conditions for summer residential camps, which start on 26 June. The government approved these today in the form agreed upon last week by the representatives of the Czech Child and Youth Council and the Ministry of Health. Details are available in the earlier press release.

Yesterday, the government also approved the possibility of recognizing vaccination for Czech and EU citizens with temporary or permanent residence, if they are vaccinated in third countries using a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency, and submit a national certificate, a specimen of which is published in the list of recognized national certificates on the website of the Ministry of Health. From tomorrow, these persons will be allowed not only to enter the Czech Republic without restrictions, but also present vaccination as proof e.g. to receive services. “The government approved the legal framework and the Ministry of Health will now prepare a technical system by the end of June, so that the same conditions apply to Czech citizens vaccinated in third countries using vaccines approved by the Czech Medicines Agency as to citizens vaccinated in the Czech Republic. The system will be fully functional from 1 July,” explained Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch. The extraordinary measure regulating the said recognition of vaccination is available here.