How to make a simple single-use face mask for personal use?

This single-use face mask made of paper tissue is intended for short-term personal use. It is ready in minutes. We recommend making more of them, to have a face mask ready with you throughout the day. Store the unused masks in a sterile bag.


What you need:

  • A package of hygienic disposal paper tissues
  • Any string or strap
  • Office stapler – the mask can even be made without a stapler


1. Unfold the tissue onto a flat surface and fold it into a harmonica from one end to the other.
2. Tie or attach the ribbon, string, strap or something similar (whatever you happen to have at home) at each end.
3. Spread out the middle of the folded tissue to create the shape of a face mask.
4. Tie the loose ends (ribbon, string, etc.) around your neck and you’re ready!

How to handle the mask:

Before making and putting on the mask, wash your hands with soap and water. Remove the mask by carefully untying the string, and throw it into the bin immediately. Never touch the outer surface of the mask, as it may be contaminated with droplets stuck to it from the outside. Always wash your hands with soap and water after removing the mask.