Government approves universal testing of pupils, to take place on 22 and 29 November

At its meeting today, the Cabinet approved a proposal by the Ministry of Health for the universal screening testing of pupils. This will take place across the Czech Republic on 22 and 29 November.

The Ministry of Health’s new measure responds to the worsening epidemic situation regarding COVID-19.
 Testing will be conducted using antigen tests.

“Universal screening testing in schools will allow us to detect positive cases among schoolchildren.  Positive pupils are often asymptomatic and can spread the disease uncontrollably among vulnerable populations.  Through testing, we will detect these cases and at the same time obtain additional data about the spread of the virus,” said Health Minister Adam Vojtěch, describing the benefits of testing in schools.

The antigen tests for schools will be supplied by the State Material Reserve Administration, and the fire brigade will start distributing them within the next week.

“Keeping schools in operation despite the unfavorable epidemic situation was and is one of our priorities.  But we must do everything we can to minimize the potential spread of the disease in schools,” Minister Vojtěch added.