Government approves new Ministry of Health measures

The government has approved an extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health in response to the unfavorable epidemic situation.  

In view of the worsening epidemic situation in connection with the COVID-19 disease, the Ministry of Health has proceeded to establish conditions allowing visits to persons in shelters starting from 29 November. These are facilities with a higher turnover of persons, who are often unvaccinated. They often house the elderly, persons suffering from chronic diseases or otherwise vulnerable persons. It is therefore necessary to minimize the risk of infection penetrating these centers and to protect the health of residents and staff.

“As the epidemic situation continues to worsen, we have made new adjustments to the conditions for testing staff.  If an antigen test is carried out by a healthcare service provider and comes out positive, a request for a confirmatory PCR test must be issued. This will make it easier to detect the disease in work collectives,” says Health Minister Adam Vojtěch, describing the importance of the new measure.
As of 23 November, the Ministry of Health’s extraordinary measure regulating the universal screening testing of employees and self-employed persons for the presence of COVID-19 will be slightly clarified. The main objective of the measure is to stipulate the employer’s obligation consisting of ensuring rapid antigen tests (RAT) for self-testing. These tests must be available at all times for employees to take at any time in accordance with their obligation under the emergency measure. The provision of RAT for self-testing does not preclude an employer, who has the capability to do so, from testing with the assistance of healthcare professionals.