From August, anti-epidemic measures in retail and services will be relaxed

At its session on Monday, the government approved the easing of certain anti-epidemic measures. This will see the maximum number of people at mass events increase in early August, dancing will be allowed in clubs and the capacity of swimming pools and bathing facilities will now be unlimited.

As of 1 August, organizers will be allowed to make sporting and cultural events accessible to a greater number of participants and spectators. The maximum capacity of events is increased from 5,000 to 7,000 people in outdoor venues and from 2,000 to 3,000 people in indoor venues. For indoor cultural and sporting events, we allow for an increase in the number of seated spectators above the limit of 3,000, up to 100% of capacity, provided that all such spectators beyond the limit (above the 3,000 person capacity) are fully vaccinated or within 180 days of recovering from COVID-19. For outdoor cultural and sporting events, we allow an increase in the number of seated spectators above the limit of 7,000, up to 100% of capacity, provided that all spectators above 3,000 are fully vaccinated or within 180 days of recovering from COVID-19 (example: an outdoor event for 10,000 seated spectators = 3,000 seats are for spectators with OTN (vaccination, test, contracting the disease) and 7,000 seats are for spectators who are fully vaccinated or within 180 days of recovering from COVID-19).

At the same time, the space per standing spectator is reduced from 4 m2 to 2 m2.  Dancing will now be allowed at clubs and other events for people who meet the conditions of the OTN system (Vaccination, Test, Disease), with the condition that the person is required to have a negative test result no older than 24 hours from the collection of the sample.

“I am happy that the situation allows us to keep easing anti-epidemic measures. The progress of vaccination is clearly having a positive effect, and thanks to it we have a minimum of hospitalizations, because people are protected from the severe course of the disease,” said Health Minister Adam Vojtěch.

For children’s recreation, camps, educational and leisure activities, the number of participants is increasing from 1,000 to 2,000 in outdoor areas and from 500 to 1,000 children in indoor areas.  “So far we have good news from our colleagues in the regions. Children’s events, so far, have not seen any significant spread of the disease.  I am therefore glad that we could take this step and allow more children to enjoy their free time,” explained Pavla Svrčinová, Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic.

There is also a change in the group size from 10 people to 20 people, who do not have to meet the OTN conditions.  Examples include group tours when visiting castles, palaces and zoos.  This change also applies to examinations at schools, universities and during academic ceremonies.

For the indoor areas of zoological and botanical gardens, museums, galleries, exhibition spaces, castles, chateaux and similar historical or cultural buildings, observatories and planetariums, and trade fairs and commercial economic exhibitions, an alternative to the current requirement of 1 person per 10 m2 is now added in the form of the possibility of using maximally 75% of the capacity.  The operators will be able to choose, according to the layout of the facility, what is more suitable for them in terms of operation.

The mandatory distancing in establishments or at mass events between customers, participants or visitors is changed from a distance of 2 meters to a distance of at least 1.5 meters, keeping in mind the still valid hygienic recommendations in the form of disinfecting the place after each customer and compliance with the obligation to protect the airways wherever the type of service provided allows it.  A distance of 2 meters remains in place for the production of live music at restaurants and clubs, for the distance of spectators from the stage or other place intended for performers or from a sports ground, between stalls, tables or other points of sale at markets and marketplaces, and for distancing between groups of participants in an assembly pursuant to law on the right of assembly.

From the beginning of August, the occupancy limit for pools and swimming pools, which was previously set at a maximum of 75% of the capacity of the complex, will be lifted.  Please note that entry is still subject to compliance with the OTN system.  In addition, the government has approved the cancellation of the limit on the number of persons in a group of athletes in sports training, which was previously set at a maximum of 50 persons. 

From 27 July, mobile service providers will send out an informative SMS message to arrivals when they cross the border, reminding them of the obligation to complete the Arrival Form.  “The aim is to raise awareness among citizens arriving from holiday about the obligation to fill in the Arrival Form. Please note that this also applies to fully vaccinated travelers,” the Minister added.