Czech Ministry of Health launches AI chatbot on its website for coronavirus

Chatbot Anezka

In connection with the current developments regarding the spread of new coronavirus in the Czech Republic, the Czech Ministry of Health launches in cooperation with IBM a smart virtual assistant named Anezka, which is based on IBM Watson Assistant.
Using artificial intelligence (AI), IBM Watson Assistant is designed to know when to search for an answer from a knowledge base, when to ask for clarity and when to direct users to a human. In the onslaught of queries, these types of chatbots, or virtual assistants, will help people navigate the information, and could also be linked to a nationwide hotline with a live operator. The line was established across all departments under number 1212, works free of charge, and at this time, is emergency use only.
Virtual Assistant Anezka will guide all those who need answers to their questions about prevention, treatment and other related topics on the coronavirus website according to policies set by the Ministry of Health and current available information, which is changing rapidly. Anezka was born this Sunday March 15, 2020 and will be constantly updated to learn how to address additional topics as new information is made available. It will be deployed on the main website of the Ministry of Health, on the special website for coronavirus, and possibly on other sites and social networks. Anezka will be available 24 hours 7 days a week to all citizens. At the same time, it offers the possibility to switch to live chat with employees of the national information line 1212 or to communicate with a specific employee via telephone. Users can also request to communicate with a live operator if they have questions about the information provided by Anezka.  

Line 1212 serves as a basic information line regarding coronavirus or COVID-19 for citizens. It’s free of charge. The line includes trained operators, ministry employees, and also volunteers from the public.