Current information regarding completion of audit of recovered (healthy) patients with covid-19

In relation to dealing with local epicentres, the number of individuals who are centrally registered as “covid positive” in the Czech Republic has started to rise. This predominantly concerns primarily infected patients, who suffer the disease without symptoms or with very light symptoms, without the need for medical services. These people tested positive and have been subjected to repeated tests since then. Because the priority of the Regional Hygiene Stations (RHS) in the areas with the most cases was and continues to be the registration of newly infected patients, the period until previously positive cases are reviewed in the central database has been extended. This is why the Minister of Health ordered a retroactive audit of these records, which was completed on 26 July 2020. As expected, the dates of recovery, particularly of positive individuals in the Moravian Silesian region and in Prague, as two of the areas with the most cases, were additionally registered. The results of the audit are a clarification of the number of cured individuals at a value of 11,423. The RHS, which are the only institutions with the authority to do so, duly added the dates of recovery. This is not a sudden change from one day to the next; the dates were entered in compliance with the current facts in relation to each individual case.