Children under 2 years of age and single drivers in cars are not obliged to wear mouth and nose covers outside their homes

The government acknowledged several extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health today. It supported an exemption from the wearing of protective respiratory equipment (nose, mouth) and the extension of crisis measures.

Based on the government session, the Ministry of Health issued an extraordinary measure with effect from 31 March 2020, which stipulates the exceptions from the currently valid crisis measures approved by the government. Children under the age of two and drivers who are alone and in a closed vehicle no longer need to wear a mouth and nose cover. The obligation to wear protective respiratory equipment outside of their homes continues to apply to everybody else. Such equipment includes respirators, face masks, kerchiefs, scarfs or other resources that prevent the spreading of droplets.
“We have agreed that masks or similar guards for the mouth and nose may impede breathing for very small children, which is why we stipulated an exemption for children under the age of two. Likewise, it is not necessary for drivers who are alone in a closed vehicle, where there is no risk of spreading droplets to another person, to wear a mask,” said Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch.
Based on the government meeting, the closing of stores, restaurants, restriction of personal movement and limited operation of public offices is extended until 11 April 2020. “In terms of the epidemiological situation and development of the disease, it is appropriate to keep these measures in place at least until Easter. This can fundamentally influence the course of the epidemic in our country. Then we will reassess everything. We must be patient. Thanks to everybody for observing the measures,” added Minister Vojtěch.