Covid-19 epidemic in the Czech Republic


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Detailed information about C-19 epidemic here (Czech language)

Frequently Asked Questions about Certificates and Testing

Andorra will now be in the dark red category based on the risk of contagion, Denmark and France will be red

The Ministry of Health has updated the list of countries ranked by the risk of contagion on the basis of available data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), which will take effect on Monday, 2 August. The traffic light system regulates the categories of countries to which respective anti-epidemic measures apply when returning to the Czech Republic. Andorra will be in the dark red category. Denmark and France will be added to the red category. Iceland, Italy and Switzerland will be orange. On the contrary, Lichtenstein will be added to the green category. Press release (30. 7. 2021)

Government approves updated airway protection measures and eased rules for children returning from abroad

The Government today approved an additional extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health on protection of the airways, which responds to the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court. The Cabinet also agreed to two days of paid leave for civil servants who have had or will have vaccinations this year.  It also agreed to ease conditions for children aged 6 to 12 years old returning from abroad. Press release (30. 7. 2021)

From August, anti-epidemic measures in retail and services will be relaxed

At its session on Monday, the government approved the easing of certain anti-epidemic measures. This will see the maximum number of people at mass events increase in early August, dancing will be allowed in clubs and the capacity of swimming pools and bathing facilities will now be unlimited. Press release (28. 7. 2021)


Vaccination against COVID-19 works. So far, only 0.06% of people have contracted the disease two weeks after having received the second dose

Data held by the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Health Information and Statistics shows that vaccination against COVID-19 is very effective in protecting people against subsequently contracting the disease, in particular against a severe course of the disease. Only 4,030 cases of infection have so far been registered after the application of the 2nd dose in 3,868,252 people who have been vaccinated. Fourteen days after application of the second dose, infection was only proven in 0.06% of people who have been vaccinated with both doses. Press release (15. 7. 2021)

Vaccination sites open for new vaccine seekers without prior registration

From Monday, 12 July, vaccination without prior registration will start at two pilot vaccination centres, namely on the premises of the Westfield Chodov shopping centre and at the Central Railway Station in Prague. Press release (12. 7. 2021)

Czechs vaccinated in third countries can present Czech EU COVID certificates

As of Monday 12 July, the Ministry of Health will also allow persons vaccinated in third countries to obtain an EU COVID certificate.  The condition is that they are vaccinated with a vaccine corresponding to vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency. Press release (12. 7. 2021)

The Cabinet today approved a number of important measures, including mandatory discriminatory PCR testing of every positive sample and Czech certificates for people vaccinated in third countries

At its session today, the government approved a proposal from the Ministry of Health that will make it mandatory for laboratories to perform discriminatory PCR testing of every positive PCR test result. The obligation to wear a respirator outside will now remain only at larger mass events. Also new are the rules on the procedure for healthcare service providers to enter information on vaccinations carried out in third countries into the ISIN system, which will provide vaccinated persons with an EU COVID certificate. The government also discussed changes to the arrangements for returning from the red category of countries, or adjusting the reimbursement of vaccination against COVID-19. Press release (28. 6. 2021)

Government approves plan for September COVID-19 testing at schools

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, has prepared a plan for the widespread testing for COVID-19 at schools when pupils return to the classrooms in the autumn. Pupils will face three antigen tests within a few days of each other.  The plan was approved by the government at its session today. Press release (28. 6. 2021)

People may get vaccinated immediately after completing isolation after recovering from COVID-19

As of 25 June, the Ministry of Health has cancelled the 90-day period during which people who have recovered from COVID-19 were unable to reserve a vaccination appointment. The antibodies acquired by having suffered the disease are no longer a counter-indication for vaccination. The aim is to accelerate the vaccination of this sizable population group due to the incidence of virus variants. Press release (24. 6. 2021)

Ministry of Health reduces maximum price of COVID-19 tests for self-payers

Effective from 8 June, the Ministry of Health will issue a new pricing regulation which stipulates the maximum price of PCR and antigen tests for self-payers. People will thus pay maximally CZK 614 for a PCR test plus CZK 200 for sampling, and maximally CZK 201 for an antigen test. To date, the price for a PCR test was CZK 1,310 and an antigen test CZK 351. Press release (7. 6. 2021)

Pregnant and nursing women can safely get the COVID-19 vaccine

Based on the opinion of the Czech Vaccinology Society of the Czech Medical Society of Jan Evangelista Purkyně and the  ČSL JEP Obstetrics Society, pregnant and nursing women can be safely vaccinated against COVID-19. Press release (4. 6. 2021)